Successes, Working it Out

Sylvester Guard, one of San Francisco’s formally homeless, is now a successful artist. After spending eight years homeless, he enjoys a backlog of art commissions. Sylvester’s art is his contribution to society, his decoratively painted trash cans, utility boxes and murals are making the Tenderloin a more colorful and joyful place. His proudest work, the Yellow Brick Road, makes walking to school safer for children. Sylvester’s art can be found at the Community Art Center on Market St, San Francisco.

From Israel to Jersey to Costa Rica & back; from street to studio to giving back. Sevan Apollo Poetry, his name says it all.

Karen is one of those individuals who sadly fell through the cracks due to a lack of medical support. Depression, anxiety can be terribly debilitating. It’s heartened to hear she is now housed with a support a team she connects with, a doctor, therapist and a psychiatrist.

C.W. Johnson,  a formerly homeless resident of Golden Gate Park finds his purpose, a job and a home.

Mel Beetle, a former Peace Corp volunteer in the Philippines, returns home only to end up homeless.

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