In 2015, Michael Morrissey began interviewing Margie Gagnebin when she was 104-years-old. Intrigued by her wit and candor, he explored with her what has led to her longevity. It’s all here. On August 18, 2016 she celebrated her way into her 105th year, singing and dancing with her family.

Hooves for Harmony offers horse therapy to children with special needs at Morning Star Farm in Novato. Hooves for harmony focus on nurturing personal development in youth through volunteer service and horsemanship.

Social-Emotional Learning, then and now. Spunky the Monkey and Mrs D interview their new friend Margie who recently celebrated her 105th birthday. Margie shares her experiences as a little girl on how important friendship, kindness, resilience, music and dance have been in her life. For more information about Mrs D and her other friends Click Here.

Margie Gagnebin turned 105 on August 18 2016. These are excerpts from a video with Margie exploring what has contributed to her longevity, a separate video. This focuses on her thoughts on voting.

Photos of an Amish area in Upstate New York. Background music an Amish Wedding song. Photography by Michael Morrissey 

San Francisco Center for Emotional Healing, an interview with Mike Peterson, Founder & Director

Dirty Cupcakes – “I Want It (Your Love)”